Riflescopes can be not just a thing to put into your weapon. They appear to be real obsession of hunters, sportsmen and military sphere people. It's not only the way to look closer at the target or magnify the picture. It's the philosophy of shooting and you really shouldn't buy bad scope. If you decided to pay money for the sight, choose the best for the budget.

For AR-15 it's very important to possess wonderful optics. It makes the weapon absolutely wonderful and precise. Accushot scope would be really wonderful option to fix on your rifle, it brings you lots of comfort in using, allows to take the optics off when needed and get it quickly back in any conditions. UTG 30mm SWAT 3-12x44 - it's nearly military compact scope with lots of wonderful specs.

If you read some reviews of the scope, you will find some contradictory opinions of experts and really experienced hunters. Experts look at the price and become preconvinced that the sight is bad because it's cheap. Accushot 3 Scope seems to be optimal for those people who tried it out and tested lots of times during hunting and in other conditions.

Originating and basic specs of UTG Riflescopes for AR-15

When I first tried to buy the UTG option for AR-15, I got lots of problems with understanding the markings, letter, words and figures in names. You get four same scope models with different abbreviations and absolutely the same specs. Leapers Company presents lots and lots of models to meet the needs of all customers. And still the optics isn't too expensive. Basic functions and possibilities of UTG 30mm SWAT 3-12x44 Mil Dot scope are as follows:

  • special design of Leapers optics proves to be very successful, reliable materials are used to produce every part of the instrument;
  • optimal body construction makes the optics compact, lightweight and functional in any conditions you'd like to use it;
  • absolutely wonderful 36-color reticle EZ TAP is fully individual to any customer needs and is easily set into what you need;
  • nitrogen filled body resists fog inside during rainy weather, there are no restrictions of where and when to use the scope.

You should also remember that the scope is waterproof, shockproof and possesses lots of optimal features especially for hunters. It's protected against recoil which is great feature for AR-15 owners. And the basic option costs a little money. Among the scopes for AR-15 this one seems to be very good decision for the budget. And it's not only good in price but also gives great pluses in specs.

Leapers 3 Compact Accushot - even smaller thing for targeting

A couple more words will be said here about another SWAT option with military basics. It's IE Scope of Accushot nature. EZ TAP Scope model appears to have the same specs as the previous one. But the smaller version is of great comfort in use. It's lighter, more compact and really convenient in carrying, adjusting, shooting and tactical tasks completing. In nearly all Leapers reviews this scope appears as the leading technology.

The company managed to install wonderful optics into small and lightweight body and to give it the same pluses as for heavier constructions. Of course, Leapers 3 AO Riflescope with Mil Dot is thought to be military option. But you can easily buy it and use in your hunting or in any other needs you have. So, this purchase is wonderful in all ways and will bring you wonderful possibilities. By the way, read my review of Trijicon Accupoint TR24G to compare these options.

UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope - last look at another Leapers option

One more thing to say before finishing and making some outline is to look at competition. And the first thing I can manage to remember is 3-12x44 Compact Scope of UTG brand. It brings wonderful possibilities and offers lots of interesting specs which were named before. The scope is wonderful in some other features which could be really good reason for purschase:

  • less money spent on the optics, very affordable price;
  • wonderful popularity and optimal responds of customers;
  • first places in Leapers scopes review around the world;
  • also good opportunities for AR-15 owners (M4 and M16 also);
  • the same EZ TAP technology of reticle with 36 colors;
  • lifetime warranty and other features which could be great for buyers.

These are the reasons why so many customers give their money for Compact Scope series made be UTG brand. With affordable price range and really good specs this optics stays at the top of interests for low budget buyers. And still there is a huge amount of competition which can be named here.

Some competitors for UTG SWAT Riflescope:

  1. Bushnell AR Optics 1-4x24 - wonderful option for the money and very severe competitor for UTG. It proposes less outstanding specs but more sufficient quality. The brand is also better known in the field.
  2. Nikon P-223 - although it's originally made for another rifle, it also suits AR-15 with some conditions, you can find out a lot of interesting specs and responds on the model when buying it in online shops.
  3. Hammers Illuminated 3-9x42 - interesting option for even less money. But the quality isn't as good as in other models. You can't get clear picture in 9x magnification, it doesn't work properly in any weather.
  4. Barska 1-4x28 IR - also wonderful idea to put on AR rifle and get the best specs you could find in the price range. Among competitors there aren't many professional scopes for this money, so you get a lot out of small budget.

So, is UTG for AR-15 any good?

Ok, let's be clear and honest. You won't take small long distance target with UTG scope. But close shooting and mid range distances are really possible. It's not the professional riflescope which doesn't cost a lot. It saves your money and gives you lots of wonderful settings and possibilities. By the way, SWAT versions are sold in a set with rings which are aimed to adjust your purchase to the AR-15 barrel.

In any case you won't get troubles, the company gives you eternal warranty. Optics is wonderfully protected for this price range. Are there any cons? Of course. You can easily destroy all your settings with just one movement. The buttons are too sensible and don't have comfortable placing. The scope will require a little practice, so it's not for complete novices.

My honest opinion - the UTG 30mm SWAT 3-12x44 is wonderful idea for every hunter. It won't serve in military conditions and you don't need it if you can't shoot properly. In all other cases this is a wonderful budget purchase which is going to be your favorite item in outdoors activities. I wouldn't think a lot and I fully agree that UTG decisions are worth their money.