Professional use of up-to-date optics gives lots of opportunities. You could easily get clear picture of the landscape to build strategy, chase and shoot the target. With Trijicon scopes you get all purposes and all abilities. Adjusting it to the AR-15 gun the owner makes weapon quite professional and adds a lot of expert possibilities to it.

Personally I had never understood why so many people install extremely expensive scopes if there are so many cheaper options on the market. But as soon as I tried out Trijicon TR24G in modern model range, my worries about high price disappeared. It's a great thing to have in your armory on hunting, sport or military purposes. You can physically feel the difference with cheaper ideas.

This review is aimed at presenting you all sides of Accupoint scopes and find out which models can compete with this monster on the market. It's not easy to find analogs and compare such unique technologies. So, I'd better go to facts and start Accupoint 1-4x review with telling you a lot of my own opinion.

1-4x Accupoint Triangle Riflescope - general overview

We know this producer for presenting quite expensive and high quality things on the hunting and military market. The name sounds weird but if you are in the hunting sphere, you never mix it up with other producers. It sounds proud to have Trijicon installed on your AR 15 or whatever other rifle you might possess. Let's look at professional and exquisite features of the Accu Point scope:

  • it's made to last, the body is produced of high quality alloys, a lot of parts are of the lightest weight you can ever get;
  • the optics is traditionally best in the class, light transmission is on the highest level, optical device is superior;
  • multi-coating helps to achieve zero distortion and also protects the glass from all kinds of unexpected problems;
  • fiber optics is produced to help you automatically set the scope illumination brightness, it doesn't need batteries;
  • the reticle has got some important settings to make it individual, you can easily adjust the device to your needs;
  • very good picture quality with magnification which is 4x and wonderful automatic reticle change during zooming;
  • the device is sold with wide warranty, no problems will occur during years of active using of the riflescope.

One of the reasons I can clearly tell you about quality is that used Accupoints are widely sold and easily bought on the market. Even experts aren't afraid to buy this optics after some years of using. If you need to install on AR-15 really best idea of specially designed device, read the review of Accupoint scope 1-4x24. This is probably the best option in middle and high price ranges to think of for AR-15 and all similar kinds of weapon.

What are the visible cons of Trijicon TR24G?

Well, from my point of view there are no cons in the device. Someone would say that the price is too big. Maybe, but you shouldn't forget that expensive aircraft alloys are used in production and world class optics is installed into the device. This causes real rise in price, but without these options the scope wouldn't be as powerful and wonderful as it is now. If you want some cheaper option, look at UTG SWAT decision in this review.

Another minus which is being discussed on forums is limited reticle setting possibility. Lots of functions are provided automatically and you can't do anything with that. And it can really be a problem. But I didn't notice any inconvenient features while shooting, so, the company made everything on the top level.

Magnification at 4x maximum can be viewed as minus, too. Though, you won't need more on your AR-15 with this scope. It's used in small and mid distances only and can work well for these purposes.

What about Aimpoint optics?

Lots of novices mix Aimpoint and Accupoint. Aimpoint is independent brand which produces mainly Red Dot sights. It's also very remarkable producer and it has very well-known models with lots of good responds. But you can't find any competitors to Trijicon Accupoint 1-4x24. It's absolutely different market niche. If you like no-magnification options with red dot, then the best chance is to go for Aimpoint variants. If you need magnification, then it's better to look at Trijicon.

Trijicon ACOG TA33G-H-RMR 3x30 - one of the competition

There are lots of competitors to remember here, and we'll start with the same producer's device of ACOG series. It's TA33G which is wonderful in all possible points of view. It costs much and much more but it also contains at least two technologies - open holographic sight and traditional scope. There are such options to remember here:

  • 3x30 shows that constant magnification of 3x is given in the practical and expensive optics;
  • very compact construction is important pro of the scope, but the weight is a little more than our main hero;
  • great eye relief which helps you use the device from uncomfortable positions;
  • optimal field of view and very high quality picture (though, it's not better than in TR24G);
  • bullet drop compensation for 600 meters maximum is great for small distance shooting.

There are much more words to say about the Trijicon models. But the ACOG series isn't the main character of our today's review. So, we'll leave it telling that it's too expensive for just buying for fun. If you really know that you'll shoot professionally, it's time to take out your wallet and start counting money.

Acog 3.5x35 Scope - another option of Trijicon

And to make the story full I also want to present you quickly Acog 3.5x35 scope model. It's one of the middle price range options for Trijicon, but for an average buyer it's really expensive. Again I need to tell you that buying any Accupoint and ACOG option is optimal only in the ways when you use your scope professionally. Otherwise better choose something less expensive and with lower specs.

Military variant of a scope is without a doubt might be optimal for every hunter or sportsman. The optics here is specific. And one more thing - I don't know any person with Acog TA11 model who wouldn't have a dozen of other optical devices. It's too specific to be the only one option in your armory.

So, should I buy Ttrijicon TR24G or choose some other model?

There are many questions you have to answer before choosing the best option among all scopes on the market. But if your way brought you to Trijicon TR24G or its brothers in producer's model range, then you made the right choice. It's impossible to recommend just one model and make it with full confidence. There are so many great competitors. But basing on my own experience I need to tell that my choice would be exactly Trijicon.

The TR24G model is wonderful in all ways. It contains a lot of pluses and doesn't cost as much as its competitors in the same producer's assortment. You can also find a lot of optimal features in all ways to forget about problems while shooting and targeting on your hunting. Want to get one of the best all-purpose scope models on the market? Then you are on the right way.