Every type of actions your AR-15 can do on hunting, in sport or during tactical usage is successfully done with the help of lower receiver. This small part of the gun interacts with the user and helps to get all features of your rifle you'd like to get in the hunting. There are a lot of things you could base your attention while choosing best AR-15 lower receiver and still you might need some of them.

When I speak about different parts and modes of the gun for hunting or any other purpose, I always tell at first that this is fully individual. What is good for one user is absolutely unbearable for other, and it doesn't show any expert level of anyone. It's just individual factor of using the hunting equipment.

Also when speaking about completing your gun options I shouldn't forget about different manufacturers of the rifle. There are also some modifications, and what suits AR may seem bad option for M4 or M16. All I say in here today covers at least three models of guns which are based on original AR construction.

What is Lower Receiver (LR) and how it works on a rifle?

Any type of gun depends on this group of things and their ability to work together. To say in a couple of words, lower receiver is a part of gun which adjusts all base parts of the rifle and helps the owner to shoot. In this case there aren't any differences between M4 and AR15. Though, in some fake experts reviews you might find reviews of different models which are observed as "must-have" for every hunter.

Let's see what functions this part completes in your gun:

  • it joins all the working parts into some groups for functioning;
  • it helps to automatically recharge bullet sets when needed;
  • the thing plays the role of automatic controller for lots of functions;
  • receiver is also in charge of the safety of your shooting;
  • it sends your signals form trigger to the firing system;
  • the receiver may be build up from lots of independent pats.

So, these are only a few of things to say about general construction and parts of receiver and its work. It's for you to understand how important it is to choose really best one. Looking at manufacturer list, you could find a couple of fully registered and warranty giving organizations. Be careful not to buy some illegal thing and don't install on your weapon anything you aren't sure in quality of. Learn about barrel types of AR-15 in this article, too.

80%, stripped or complete LR for your gun?

If you look at market propositions, you may find a lot of things to pay attention to. Producers may be different. Lots of hunters like PSA models - reviews of them seem to be optimal. But Pulmetto State Armory also can be changed to Bushmaster - reviews and comparisons show big interest in this producer. But the first thing you need to look at AR or LAR lower receiver is the type. Let's make a little summary for every type you can find on the market:

  1. Unmarked - don't buy them because it's illegal. You can produce any kinds of lower receiver, join it with other accessories. But you can't sell, buy or produce it industrially without having a special license.
  2. 80% LR - the most popular accessory among those hunters who want to save the money. It means that the thing is only 80% machined, so, you will have to find some more goods to make it full. It's a wonderful way for those who want to provide his or her own work to the gun.
  3. Stripped option - the most popular way of selling the lower receivers for any guns. It's completely finished part but with no accessories at all. It has all markings and things you need to have on weapon part.
  4. Complete Lower Receiver - it includes lower part kit and also contains hand grip. There is fire control part and also buffer assemble sometimes even with the stock. So, it's half of a rifle, and such purchase will surely cost you a lot of money.

Now you know what is the stripped lower receiver and how you can change nearly half of your rifle. But you need to find the best quality receiver with additional options that you'd like to have in your possession. Of course, when buying you have to obey M4 carbine model demands or M16 model characteristics. Otherwise you won't install the LR on your rifle.

Forged or Millet LR - which to buy?

It's also the question whether you need to buy 7075-T6 or 6061-T6 model which are different in alloy type. And it's not the only reason to look at production type. You might note that there are forged and millet things offered on the market. I can't give you any advice to follow and tell you that forged option is better. It's more expensive for sure, but I know lots of buyers who agree that millet are ok, too.

Personally, I would buy forged ones. They are highest quality and have optimal structure of alloy prepared to production. Manufacturers of forged AR-15 lower receivers are great if they are legal.

NOTE: Pay lots of attention to the legal purchase. If you buy or sell any lower receiver, it should be decided via FFL organization. Make sure the thing you buy has all needed markings. Only manufacturers which are properly registered may place some markings on LR body. The same goes with AR-15 upper receiver markings.

What about Mil Spec modifications of lower receivers for AR-15?

One of top questions to ask the experts was if one could buy a mil spec option of LR for the rifle. I wouldn't say it's illegal or it can make some troubles to you in the future. If FFL allows you to buy such thing, you may be sure that it's legal and permitted. But do you need it? I doubt if it's so for some very crucial reasons.

Even the sear pin construction in this case may be different of the standard one. Automatic sear, lots of military options in LR may appear excessive and unneeded during hunting or sport shooting. You may spend a lot of money but not get anything good. Better find out who makes the best LR for AR15 and purchase selected thing for optimal money.

Automatic or semiautomatic lower receiver for AR-15 - not easy choice

Decide which tasks you will complete with the gun. There are different options, but fully automatic mode is excessive for a hunter. Why do you need it? It's quite hard to understand how you will use full auto mode during deer hunting? Shooting all the time with 50 bullets and then going to sleep up to the next day (as you scared all targets away). So, there aren't any pros in auto functions. What are the differences between automatic and semi-automatic receivers? It's easy:

  • auto option gives you possibility to hold the trigger and shoot with no stop;
  • automatic mode is optimal for tactical tasks and military trainings;
  • semi-automatic variant still won't make you do a lot of work during shooting;
  • there are some variants which may turn to auto and semi-auto modes;
  • automatic or multifunctional ideas are much more expensive than simple ones.

And again, personally, I would choose semi-automatic lower receiver and wouldn't pay lots of money for nothing I really use. Full auto lower receiver AR15 would take a lot out of my pocket. But I can't tell you what is the best option to buy. It's necessary to think yourself and find individual ways of using the rifle. Cool thing to do is also to read reviews and responds of AR 15 users. There is loads of wonderful practical information.

So, how would I choose best LR module for AR15 rifle?

Lots of people tend to buy new lower receiver for the rifle when something goes wrong. Maybe you just need to consult the specialist and look at bolt marking or barrel marking in your rifle? It's a cool way to save money and get your gun shoot as it did previously. But lots of prospective buyers of LR want the rifle to shoot with more power, preciseness or do it automatically. In any case you might need a new lower receiver. Though, it's not a guarantee that you'll get what you want to.

If you possess some modification of a rifle, then read instructions and other professional advice first. For instance, the differences between AR-15 and M16 won't give you use lots of parts for both models. Although these models are made with the same base, they have a huge amount of differences. So, be careful and check everything you want to change in your rifle. Hope, you will get what you want.