For all AR-15 rifle experts, novices and those who are going to buy the best gun in the world today I'll tell a little bit of practical information about buffer types. AR15 Buffer is a very helpful thing to set your gun in optimal mode. It can shorten recoil, optimize the process of recharging and automatic features of the rifle.

If you use just the original construction and change type of bullets for AR-15, the problems will surely come. Unexpected troubles are connected with huge recoil, you'll need to use the forward assist option to push the bullet into chamber. So, it's better to learn which kinds of things you better find on the market and exchange in your equipment.

There are some things to say about optimal mutual work of spring and tube in buffer system. But today we'll talk purely about practical things and decide which options you should choose to avoid troubles during shooting. So, let's see which AR15 buffer weights you better add to your gun to maintain high quality of shooting.

What weight of buffers for AR 15 are optimal - comparison and weight chart

We won't start with talking what the tube is and what you need it for. Let's first see which kinds of buffering thing you can purchase to make your shooting better. It's not going to be connected with rifle weight and it won't make it much bigger. You may find a lot of pieces of advice saying you'd better buy heavy or light buffer construction. But you can't give advice on that because it's hugely individual. Let's look at kinds of things to install and weights explained:

  1. Carbine Buffer - 3.0 oz weight, it won't change a lot in your setup and doesn't give you any chance to use heavier bullets with no troubles.
  2. H Buffer is of 3.8 oz weight and it starts giving you some prompts in changing original settings of a gun.
  3. H2 variant is of 4.7 oz and it changes your rifle much, the possibility to use heavier bullets and expect them to recharge automatically growth.
  4. H3 model weighing 5.6 oz is also great decision for those who want powerful shooting with no extra changes in the gun.
  5. Rifle Buffer - it's a golden middle for long distance powerful shooting with non-standard bullet for AR-15, the buffer weighs 5 oz.

All weights are quite approximate as you can get the things from different producers. The thing consists of some weights which are made of different materials. Tungsten weights are now widely used and they appear to be the most reliable in this sphere. But it can also be cheaper steel weight and spacers to take the place in tube. These things are often bought while over assembling AR-stoner and making some changes in the construction. It's important to know not only about buffer but also about lower receiver construction - read it here.

What buffer weight is better for hunting?

In this case your AR-15 buffer stop pin must be metal. There are a lot of plastic propositions on the market but they are completely for sport. It's not a hunting option at all. You might make comparison of H2 vs H3 or purely Carbine thing in the recharging mechanism. You have to test the things because it all depends on which bullets you use.

It also depends on whether you have some changes in the construction. Someone would like Colt H2 thing and for others M4 weight (carbine spring only) would be very helpful. Look at BCM H2 Buffer which is often used in company with heavy spring. The amount of combinations might be just unbelievable. Though, if you want optimal shooting and preciseness, you need to choose the thing.

AR15 Buffer Tube - the highly needed thing to mention

You can't use your AR-15 effectively without the optimal type of Buffer Tube. The best ideas are often given by producer. But it's only in that case if you don't change any settings and use only original bullets to operate your gun. Asking for differences between mil spec and commercial things, you will find a lot of common options.

Actually, commercial in this case is referred to higher quality and not to any other option. For a lot of owners comparison milspec vs commercial is not needed at all. It depends on which type of stock you'd attach to the rifle or which kinds of buffers and spring you'd like to use while shooting.

The best assembly and probably the best kits for AR-15 is 7075 tube and 6061 option. These are the most popular among all AR15 owners. It can be steel, aluminum alloy or some other materials for lightweight construction. Sizes are chosen on individual basis only. So, asking what's the best tube for hunting is not the wisest thing to do. Just choose the tube which corresponds with your needs.

AR-15 Buffer Spring - kind of gun upgrade

You won't make it wrong if you suppose that the original spring isn't the best variant to use in rifle. AR-15 possesses very noisy spring which can become a factor of annoying you on hunting. So, replacing the thing might become very good idea of upgrade. I've tried Chrome Silicon spring for AR15 and I was completely glad with the results. There are such features of the instrument:

  • a lot of composition materials being mixed in one efficient spring;
  • it can serve up to 500 000 shots which is great;
  • affordable price which isn't a problem for majority of owners;
  • it shortens recoil of AR 15 and the length is optimal exactly for your rifle;
  • the carbine nature makes it very long lasting, effective and not demanding at all.

You might find cons, but there aren't many propositions on the market. So, you better look at this option as at optimal one. You won't get all features you need in just one thing. Professional and experienced AR15 owners possess a lot of different springs and tubes types. They also have a range of buffers to change if needed. So, it's just a cheap piece of replacement materials which you should have on hunting with you.

My opinion on changing AR-15 original settings

Today you are free to make everything you want with your rifle. There is a huge amount of wonderful things on the market, lots of interesting additional technologies to install and use. So, you have opportunity to change your rifle to whatever you need. Change power, shorten recoil, make it more comfortable to shoot or reduce the speed of bullet. A lot of settings might be changed with replacing buffer, tube and spring.

These are quite cheap things to buy. So, my own opinion is that an expert hunter or sportsman with AR-15 rifle has to have all possible variants in the backpack. They aren't big or heavy at all, so you can use them in different variants. Choose bullets, then install optimal buffer and exchange spring type to meet all demands. I really believe that it can change the way you shoot in much better ways.